How to Determine Sprinkler Zones for Your Yard?

Many homeowners want their gardens and lawns to look their best without wasting water or breaking the bank. Hence, proper sprinkler zoning is vital to maintain a lush lawn and minimal water bills. At Chuck's Landscaping, we believe setting up specific zones for your grass, vegetables, and flowers can ensure each area of your yard [...]

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Best Grass for Dogs in Southern California

Many homeowners in Southern Carolina are familiar with the sight of a barren yard covered in patches of dead grass and holes. While it may seem impossible to maintain a healthy lawn with pets on the premises, Chuck's Landscaping can help you maintain a lush lawn without getting rid of your furry friends. Plants are [...]

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Why Did My Sprinkler Stop Rotating?

Sprinkler systems are a great way to simplify your yard care, but you may occasionally run into the issue of your sprinkler not rotating. This is normally due to the sprinkler head being dirty or jammed by a small pebble or twig. It’s something you can fix yourself, and won’t usually require the assistance of [...]

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Why Do My Sprinklers Continue to Cycle Over and Over?

Having several sprinklers around your lawn and garden can be a very convenient way to keep your grass and plants looking their best without you having to do manual watering. But what happens if your sprinklers keep cycling over and over? This is normally due to the programming start times being too abundant. Programming Start [...]

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