Did you know in the late 1940s, Clover was standard in all grass mixtures? However, broad-leaf herbicides were created to control weeds, and Clover was targeted too. The two most common types of Clover include traditional White Dutch Clover and Micro Clover, but there are many differences between them homeowners should know. If you are among the many Americans looking to bring Clover back, Chuck’s Landscaping can help you take advantage of what it can do for your landscape and the environment. We believe a green and lush lawn should not come at the expense of the environment.

The Benefits of Micro Clover Lawns

Micro Clover is a highly beneficial plant species that enhance curb appeal and supplies your yard with nitrogen. Micro clovers have root nodules that convert nitrogen gas from the air and enrich the soil, resulting in healthy, lush lawns. Although most lawns stop growing once the summer is over, micro clover lawns are tolerant to low temperatures and harsh conditions.

When winter goes into full gear and grass lawns, start to die off, micro Clover still maintains a healthy green color. In addition, micro clover minimizes weed growth, a benefit many homeowners can appreciate. As a broad-leafed plant, micro Clover out-competes unwanted weeds that compete for essential nutrients and water with plants in the property. Micro Clover is used in two styles: 100% clover or a grass/micro clover blend.

100% Micro Clover Lawns

For many homeowners, 100% micro clover lawns may be more beneficial, especially if they have dogs. Not only are these plants easy to grow and reliable, but they are also resistant to pet urine and require minimal maintenance. Say goodbye to frequent fertilization or the use of herbicides and pesticides. In addition, the brown spots that form because of dog urine aren’t a significant concern when you have a micro clover lawn. The best way to achieve a 100% micro clover lawn is to oversee your current lawn through repeated applications. As a professional landscaping service, the professionals from Chuck’s Landscaping can help you find alternative methods without compromising the quality of your curb.

Grass/Micro Clover Seed Blend

If you appreciate the look and feel of traditional grass but also want to reap the benefits of a micro clover lawn, this is the best option. A grass/clover seed blend requires a short-growing grass variety to guarantee the best results. We can help you achieve the perfect blend for your lawn to reduce weed growth and enhance curb appeal. Since micro Clover grows longer than traditional grass and is more resistant to harsh conditions, you can prevent brown spots that appear during drought or inconsistent growth.

Micro Clover Lawns and Pets

If you are a pet owner and are concerned about urine damage, we recommend the 100% micro clover lawn. While a grass/micro clover seed blend has an aesthetic appeal, you may notice brown spots on traditional grass, indicating urine damage. Before you decide on the type of lawn to grow, contact us at Chuck’s Landscaping to learn more from the experts. We can ensure you grow a suitable lawn that addresses your needs and maintains curb appeal throughout the year.