If you’re asking why sprinkler valves fail, chances are you’ve had repeated problems with your valves. Few things are as frustrating as getting any home fixture repaired and then having to repair it, or another like it, only a short while later. If your sprinkler valves are repeatedly failing, there are some likely culprits you can investigate. Here are some reasons your valves may fail.

1. Damage and Debris

When multiple valves develop clogs or stop functioning properly, it may be due to a common source of debris or damage. Let’s say your landscaping company ran into the valves with your lawnmower, or maybe you dug a spot for a new pool and your valves got clogged up with dirt from the work. Either way, when one sprinkler valve has a clog or damage, all of the others should be checked too. This prevents you from having to call your sprinkler technician back time and again.

2. Low-Quality Valves

When you have low-quality valves installed in your irrigation system, the odds go up that you have failures back-to-back. Constant clogs and other problems may be a sign of poor sprinkler design. Get a landscaper’s advice as to the quality of the sprinkler valves you have installed and whether it might be worthwhile to choose a better brand and slowly replace the valves as they fail or all at once.

3. Common Installation Errors

There are a handful of common installation errors that can end up causing valve failures. For example, if your irrigation technician doesn’t realize your sprinkler system needs filters, then debris may get into the system and undermine the function of the valves. If you have consistently failing valves, you may want to ask a second irrigation specialist to check to ensure your system was installed properly.

4. Control Problems

Sometimes problems with your irrigation control system can appear to be valve problems. If the system isn’t shutting off when it should, the valves could be stuck open, or the control system may not be sending the signal to close them. You may need a professional to sort this one out.

5. Winterization

It is common after sprinkler system winterization to run into a problem where the valves won’t close. Air may have gotten trapped in the valve, or they may not have enough pressure. A professional can fix these problems and should have already if they were the ones who opened the system up for the spring. Those who have valve problems every time they reopen their sprinkler system may want to pay a professional to handle both the winterization and reopening process.

6. Age

If several of your valves start developing problems all at once, and your system is a few years old, then the problem could be ageing. Valves will not last forever, but quality brands will offer valves that last longer.

You don’t need to keep struggling with valve issues. A professional can help you get to the root of the issue and fix the problem for good.