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From waterfalls that look natural to Japanese inspired pavilions to drought tolerant plants, you have a lot of exciting options for landscaping Agoura Hills. Chuck’s Landscaping is just the company to bring you the landscape of your dreams. We offer unique designs that are thoughtfully installed to make your home more beautiful and peaceful. Plus, you use new landscaping to boost your property value, reduce water usage, and entertain more often.

Here are just three ways Chuck’s Landscaping can transform your home into an oasis.

a unique landscape in Agoura Hills, CA created in order to boost a home's value

Pond Construction

Even a small pond brings life, depth and refreshment to a backyard or a front yard. We can design a pond that fits in with your yard’s existing landscape, or that transforms it into something even more special. We have experience with all types of ponds, of all sizes, including:

  • Natural rock ponds
  • Flagstone ponds
  • Garden ponds
  • Stream beds
  • Water gardens
  • Fish and koi ponds
  • Turtle ponds

You can also pair the pond of your choice with some delightful accessories that can make it even more beautiful.

  • Fountains: Add a fountain layer within a pond to attract birds. You’ll love seeing them splash in the water.
  • Fire features: Water and fire are a beautiful pairing, especially at night.
  • Waterfalls: The gentle sound of trickling or bubbling water adds a whole new sensory experience to your yard, plus, it’s very relaxing.
  • Custom lighting: If you plan on enjoying your pond at night, custom lighting is a must.
A pond in Agoura Hills with lily pads and a natural stone water fall


Hardscaping is adding the “hard” elements to landscaping, from pathways to benches. Hardscaping gives your yard structure and makes it more functional. Chuck’s Landscaping can do it all, including:

  • Pathways
  • Decks and patios
  • Walls and fence repair
  • Arbors, trellises and gazebos
  • Fire pits
  • Garden bed edging
  • Landscaping steps

Whatever style of landscaping you’re envisioning, hardscaping will add the character you’re looking for. Chuck’s Landscaping works with a huge range of quality materials, so we’ll find the best materials to bring your vision to life.

hardscaping with natural stones and steps towards a water fall

Sprinkler Repair in Agoura Hills

It’s a shame to have lovely landscaping, or just perfectly good grass, and watch it fade and die due to broken sprinklers. Not only will it cost you to replace the plants, but a broken sprinkler system could be leaking and wasting water, driving up your utility cost.

If you have broken sprinklers, call us at Chuck’s Landscaping. We’re dedicated to finding the root problem in your sprinklers and fixing it quickly. That way, you’ll enjoy a healthy lawn, without having to stress about your sprinklers.

Of course, if we’ve just installed lush new landscaping for you, we can also install the sprinkler system that can keep it healthy. We suggest the best sprinkler system for your specific landscaping. It will be powerful enough to keep your lawn healthy, but won’t waste water or drive up your water bill.

Beautiful landscaping adds so much to your home and life. It’s easier to relax and enjoy the wonderful Californian weather when your yard is full of life, color and texture. Choose Chuck’s Landscaping for landscaping in Agoura Hills and get a yard that reflects your tastes, from wild and natural to perfectly manicured and modern.

Local Landscapers and Garden Designers Near Agoura Hills, California

Whether you need an estimate from a qualified landscape designer for a hardscape project or a team of professional landscapers to help complete a gardening, Chuck’s Landscaping has you covered.

If you own a home or business in Agoura Hills or the surrounding area, Chuck’s can help with any and all of your gardening, irrigation, hardscape, and landscaping repair or maintenance needs. Not only will proper landscaping increase your property value, but you’ll also be creating a unique view that will make your property more visually appealing.

landscaping and garden design in agoura hill california

We can help you construct your dream backyard, complete with carefully chosen plants, hardscape, and water features that will effortlessly complement your home and backyard layout.

Our expert builders, designers, and landscapers are all trained and have years of experience, so it should come as no surprise that we offer quality work and provide a range of services, all at an affordable price.

We’re passionate about designing unique, attractive yards that give your friends and family a space outdoors to enjoy together. Give us a call today for more information about our services and get a free estimate for your project!

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