The 6 Best Drought-Tolerant Plants for the San Fernando Valley

Ensuring you can still enjoy an attractive garden when you are under water restriction rules can be more difficult for anyone living in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. Being water-smart with your gardening not only helps your landscaping look great, but also stays in accordance with all water regulations in your local area. [...]

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When Can You Walk On New Sod?

Laying sod is a quick and simple way to turn your dirt lot or patchy yard into a gorgeous and thickly covered grassy lawn. Whether you are covering the entire area or just need to do some spot patching, sod can give you a luscious lawn in mere minutes. Soon after the sod has been [...]

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Can a Sprinkler Solenoid Be Stuck Open?

There are multiple valves and solenoids in a sprinkler system. Each one is part of the chain that is responsible for controlling the flow of water to your lawn. If a valve or solenoid gets stuck open, your lawn can quickly become flooded leading to dead grass and very soggy conditions. Many homeowners will call [...]

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Sprinkler Zone Won’t Turn On

Having an irrigation system in your yard is a great benefit when you want to keep your lawn lush, but want to minimize your own effort. However, there may be times when you notice your sprinkler system isn’t switching to different zones of your property like it should. There are a few reasons this may [...]

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