How to Lower pH in a Koi Pond

Koi fish are delicate creatures that need water with a specific pH. Anywhere between 6.8 and 8.2 pH is acceptable. However, koi fish will do best in water with a 7.5 pH. Unfortunately, many things can interfere with this careful pH balance, including poor maintenance, pond plant growth, or lawn products washing into the pond. [...]

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Why are Koi Fish So Expensive?

You can buy goldish for mere cents, and certain types of fancier home fish for a few dollars. But koi fish or different. They might cost you five or so dollars at the local pet store, but can be hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars from the best breeders in the world. Why are some [...]

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Sprinkler System Will Not Change Zones

Ever watched that familiar pattern of your sprinkler system starting zone by zone, only to notice one zone doesn’t turn on? What’s going on when your sprinkler system will not change zones? There are a few common culprits of this problem, some of which you can fix yourself. You want to start troubleshooting quickly before [...]

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