Why Won’t My Sprinkler System Turn On?

Why won’t your sprinkler system turn on? It’s a frustrating problem to find that your automatic sprinkler system didn’t water your grass in the morning, when it’s supposed to. Or, if you have a manual sprinkler system, perhaps the system isn’t responding when you turn it on. Your Sprinklers Have Power Issues If you have [...]

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How to Winterize a Koi Pond

Your beautiful garden companions and their pond need some special attention before winter arrives. Koi hibernate over the winter, but there are a few things you can do to ensure they’ll be safe and as healthy as possible come spring. How Cold Will It Get? The type of winter preparation your pond needs partly depends [...]

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What Do Koi Fish Eat?

Share this Image On Your SitePlease include attribution to Chuck's Landscaping with this graphic.Please include attribution to https://landscapingbychuck.com with this graphic. What do Koi Fish Eat in the Wild? Koi fish are the descendants of common carp. If released into the wild, koi that survive would eat meat and vegetation, just like common carp. They [...]

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Sprinkler Water Pressure Too Low? Let’s Fix It

If you notice your sprinkler heads aren’t popping up or are barely shooting out water, your sprinkler system water pressure may be too low. There are a few things that can cause it, as well as some things you can try at home if you’re familiar with your sprinkler system. Cause #1 of Low Sprinkler [...]

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