Sprinkler Water Pressure Too Low? Let’s Fix It

If you notice your sprinkler heads aren’t popping up or are barely shooting out water, your sprinkler system water pressure may be too low. There are a few things that can cause it, as well as some things you can try at home if you’re familiar with your sprinkler system. Cause #1 of Low Sprinkler [...]

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How to keep Predators Away from Koi Ponds

There’s long been a cultural history of fish as predators. Popularized by the movie Jaws in the 1970s, we have a fear of big teeth and that fin just out of the water. But decorative koi are not sharks and they can easily find themselves prey to other animals lurking in your neighborhood. So how [...]

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5 Ways to Make a Sprinkler System more Efficient

The drought in southern California is no joke. We know that all of our neighbors and customers are serious when it comes to ensuring that water conservation is a top priority. Even as we check off the calendar pages through this 2018 winter into spring, we can see that the LA area is still hovering [...]

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