Sprinkler Repair in Burbank

Burbank sprinkler repair man replaces a leaking ground pipeYour home’s sprinkler system can mean the difference between a lush green lawn and a scrappy brown one. If you notice that something’s not quite right with your sprinkler system, call Chuck’s Landscaping right now for dependable sprinkler repair in Burbank, CA. Our team of trained professionals has years of experience repairing and replacing sprinkler systems, so you’ll never have to waste time and risk your yard on amateurs again.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Sprinkler repair, including sprinkler heads, valves, wiring, controllers, and sensors
  • New sprinkler system design and installation
  • Zone additions, coverage adjustments, drainage installation
  • Drip irrigation installation and maintenance

Our Team is Equipped to Handle Every Inch of your Irrigation System

  • Sprinkler sprayer heads and nozzles
  • Automatic sprinkler timers and smart sprinkler controllers
  • PVC pipes and backflows
  • Valves and sprinkler wiring
  • Drip systems, including heads, sprayers, and tubing
  • And more

Our sprinkler parts are sourced from leading manufacturers like Rain Bird, so you’ll always be left with a system that operates trouble free for years to come.

newly replaced sprinkler pop up head in Burbank, California

We Install Smart Sprinkler Controllers

We also offer WiFi sprinkler controller installation and setup.

Do you want the ability to monitor your sprinklers from your phone, adjust watering times without getting your hands dirty, and automatically shut your sprinklers off when it rains? Then you’re going to love your new WiFi sprinkler controller.

There are many kinds of smart sprinkler controllers available, and they come with a variety of features, total zones, smart home integration options, and, of course, price points. But all of them can help you save water and make your lawn sprinkler system or drip irrigation system easier to use. Whether you know exactly which smart sprinkler controller you want, or whether you need a little help going through all of your options, we can help.

Give us a call any time to learn more or to get started on your sprinkler system upgrade.

Rachio smart sprinkler controller

Landscaping & More

Looking for more than just sprinkler repair? We also offer a full collection of yard improvement and landscaping services in Burbank, including pond installation, waterfall installation, sod installation, fence repair, and more. Give us a call anytime to learn more, or to get started on your next landscaping project.

custom koi pond installation

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We Also Offer Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services In: