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It’s hard to keep a yard looking lush and green without a good sprinkler system. Issues like low water pressure and knowing when to turn your sprinklers off for the season can make things just a little more complicated.

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How to Find a Buried Sprinkler Head

Does it seem like one or more of your sprinkler heads is missing? Sometimes sprinkler heads get stuck in the ground over the winter or buried under dirt after landscaping work has been completed in the yard. When you have a missing sprinkler head, your landscaping won’t get the water it needs. And the pressure [...]

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Sprinkler System Will Not Change Zones

Ever watched that familiar pattern of your sprinkler system starting zone by zone, only to notice one zone doesn’t turn on? What’s going on when your sprinkler system will not change zones? There are a few common culprits of this problem, some of which you can fix yourself. You want to start troubleshooting quickly before [...]

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Why Won’t My Sprinkler System Turn On?

Why won’t your sprinkler system turn on? It’s a frustrating problem to find that your automatic sprinkler system didn’t water your grass in the morning, when it’s supposed to. Or, if you have a manual sprinkler system, perhaps the system isn’t responding when you turn it on. Your Sprinklers Have Power Issues If you have [...]

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