Landscaping falls somewhere between an art and a science. It combines practical concerns, like drainage and irrigation, with aesthetics and tastes. That’s why creating a perfect landscape takes a lot more thought and dedication than you might think.

The good news for you is that we offer a wide variety of landscaping services throughout northern Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

Can I just throw grass seed down on existing lawn?

Yes, you can overseed an existing lawn by simply broadcasting grass seeds over the surface. This method is commonly used to fill in bare patches, improve the density of existing grass, or introduce new grass varieties without starting from scratch. Here's how you can overseed your existing lawn: Preparation Before overseeding, mow your existing lawn [...]

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When should I seed my lawn in Los Angeles?

Determining the ideal time to seed your lawn in Los Angeles depends on various factors, including the local climate and the specific type of grass you plan to grow. Generally, the best time to seed a lawn in Los Angeles is during the fall or early spring, when temperatures are moderate and there is typically [...]

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Micro Clover Lawn for Dogs: Is It a Good Idea?

Did you know in the late 1940s, Clover was standard in all grass mixtures? However, broad-leaf herbicides were created to control weeds, and Clover was targeted too. The two most common types of Clover include traditional White Dutch Clover and Micro Clover, but there are many differences between them homeowners should know. If you are [...]

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Best Grass for Dogs in Southern California

Many homeowners in Southern Carolina are familiar with the sight of a barren yard covered in patches of dead grass and holes. While it may seem impossible to maintain a healthy lawn with pets on the premises, Chuck's Landscaping can help you maintain a lush lawn without getting rid of your furry friends. Plants are [...]

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How to Maintain Your Backyard Waterfall

Water features on your property are a wonderful way to create your own relaxing oasis while also increasing property values and curb appeal. Koi ponds, pools, and other water features with a waterfall may need some extra TLC, but keeping your waterfall maintained is worth the effort. Regular Maintenance Staying on top of your regular [...]

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How to Quickly Redo Your Front Yard

Whether you are looking for ways to increase your property values, or simply want to change up your front yard, there are a variety of different things you can do to go from drab to fab on your property.Adding Decorative MulchMulch is a versatile way to dress up your front yard. It’s a suitable material [...]

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