Landscaping falls somewhere between an art and a science. It combines practical concerns, like drainage and irrigation, with aesthetics and tastes. That’s why creating a perfect landscape takes a lot more thought and dedication than you might think.

The good news for you is that we offer a wide variety of landscaping services throughout northern Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

The Four Best Lawn Replacements for Southern California

When you’re thinking about new landscaping, it makes sense that lawn replacements might catch your interest. Choosing a lawn replacement means that you can use less water, spend less time maintaining your lawn, and even benefit your local environment. Those who are allergic to grass will be especially interested in alternatives. We’re lucky that in [...]

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Why is My Sod Turning Brown?

You just got new sod installed, but that lush green look started to fade right away. What is going on? When new sod is turning brown before it can even establish itself and turn into a lawn, something is going wrong. There are a few mistakes your sod installer may have made to cause this [...]

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7 Landscaping Tips for River Rock

River rock is one of the most beautiful and versatile landscaping materials. It can work just as well in natural, rustic landscapes as it does in modern, clean landscapes. You can mix river rocks with other materials to create great color and texture effects. Still, using rocks in your landscape is a less common skill [...]

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How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Your Lawn

Whether you have on brown spot right in the middle of an otherwise lush and healthy lawn, or brown patches scattered all over a lawn that is struggling, it’s easy to get frustrated. How do you make sure that your lawn gets even treatment so that the whole thing is green? It can be a [...]

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