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When your home is your castle, your yard should be your oasis. You should look out into your green space and see a beautiful space that you enjoy. If instead you feel frustration, from a brown and dying landscape, or one that is hard to manage and maintain, give us a call at Chuck’s Landscaping. We’re a prominent landscape in Encino that can make your yard the relaxing paradise that you want it to be.

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Sprinkler Repair in Encino

Sprinklers keep your landscape healthy. While many people struggle with sprinkler systems that are high maintenance, need frequent repair, or don’t adequately water their space, you don’t have to. When you call us out for sprinkler repairs, we’ll let you know the root cause of your problem, whether you need to replace a part, have a poor quality sprinkler head, or if something is wrong with your irrigation system design. As professionals with real knowledge, skills, and the right equipment for the job we can fix the following problems and parts:

adjusting a buried valve during a routine sprinkler repair in Encino
  • Sprinkler wiring
  • Sprinkler valves and solenoids
  • Sprinkler heads, including rotor, pop-up and spray heads
  • Sprinkler timers and smart controllers
  • Water lines, PVC pipes
  • Drainage problems
  • Leaks
  • Zoning problems
  • Sprinkler backflows
  • Environmental sensors
  • Sprinkler efficiency and water-saving upgrades
  • Drip systems

Trust us, the real sprinkler professionals, over general contractors who don’t know enough about the kinds and quality of sprinkler systems and parts to offer you expert guidance.

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Please note that we only work with landscaping and lawn sprinkler systems, not fire sprinkler systems.

Pond Construction

We love making custom ponds and waterfalls that make our client’s dreams for their space come true. It can be harder than it looks to pull off a pond with various, balanced elements, and pull it all together in a way that seems natural. However, we manage to do it every time. With design chops, follow-through, and an eye for beauty, our team will get you the custom pond or waterfall you’re looking for.

We specialize in intricate ponds that can include exciting features like:

  • Waterfalls
  • Streams and stream beds
  • Turtles
  • Fish and koi fish
  • Natural rock and flagstone
  • Fire features
  • Water gardens
  • Lilies and water plants
  • Bridges
  • Fountains
  • Custom lighting
  • Water gardens
  • And more

We can also handle all the functional aspects of your pond to keep the ecosystem healthy and thriving, including filtration, pond pumps, pond liner, algae control systems, pond clarifiers, aquatic plant installation, and more. From small ponds to thousand gallon koi ponds, our team is equipped to handle it all.

Bring us your ideas and inspirational images for your pond and we’ll create a design that will “wow” you. Whether you want a quiet fish pond, a stunning waterfall, or anything in between, we have the tools and experience to make it a reality. Plus, we can take your other needs for your landscape into account, whether you want something that is very easy to maintain, that is drought-tolerant, or that supports local flora and fauna.

Koi Ponds

Are you interested in koi ponds? There’s plenty of reasons not to try to design and install your own. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes homeowners make that kill their fish! Here are some common issues to avoid:

  • Improper size: Koi ponds need to be the right size for the number and size of fish you want to have.
  • Sunlight: Koi need 4 hours of direct sunlight to survive. However, too much sunlight can cause algae growth in the pond.
  • Run-off: Water run-off, including from lawn fertilizer, can hurt your fish.
  • Depth: Koi pond will need water of a certain depth to take shelter from colder weather.

We’re your trusted landscaper in Encino. Reach out to us today for your landscaping needs.

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