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If you’re looking for a reliable landscape company in Granada Hills, then you’ll definitely want a professional, experienced, and reliable service that is 100% capable of handling any task in your yard. A well-kept yard may not be the key to happiness, but it’s certainly nice to look at! This is one of the reasons why our team is so passionate about doing quality work for all our clients. Go ahead and give Chuck’s Landscaping in Granada Hills a call today, and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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Quality Sod Installation

You might see landscapers who pick up sod, roll it out, and call the job done. But installing sod properly is a complex process and also a timely one. If you leave sod out because you forgot to grade, pH balance or fertilize the soil, then you’re cutting into the chances of a successful transplant. The professionals at Chuck’s Landscaping take every sod installation job seriously. We want you to get that lush green look effortlessly, so we put in all the effort on our end. Sod installation work includes:

  • Clearing rocks and debris
  • Grading the area to allow for proper drainage
  • Tilling and adding topsoil
  • Test the pH and adjust it
  • Apply starter fertilizer
  • Tamp the ground, lightly
  • Install the sod

The result of our careful preparation work is a fantastic lawn.

our professionals can help with any sod installation

Remarkable Pond Construction

We’re well known for designing and installing truly remarkable ponds in a huge range of styles. If you’re craving that natural, peaceful ambiance that only trickling water and natural water plants can provide, but are concerned about the impact of a pond, let us reassure you. All of our ponds are designed to be environmentally friendly, low maintenance and long-lasting. You can enjoy your new pond guilt-free when you work with us.

We install a wide variety of ponds including:

  • Natural ponds
  • Fish ponds
  • Koi ponds
  • Turtle ponds
  • Flagstone ponds
  • Natural rock ponds
  • Stream beds
  • Garden ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Indoor ponds

We can add interesting elements to your ponds, including waterfalls, fountains, custom lighting, and fire features. If you see a unique pond online, bring it to us and we can create it for you.

an unique pond construction done by our pro team

Sprinkler Repair and Installation

Your sprinkler system is like the plumbing inside your home. It’s not fun to think about or manage, but it is essential to keep things running. A well-designed and efficient irrigation system will keep your lawn and plants green but also avoid wasting water. If your sprinkler system is doing anything but running perfectly in the background of your life, give us a call. We can help resolve recurrent and one-time issues with sprinkler systems and seriously reduce the headache they cause you.

We can solve all of the issues that your sprinkler system might develop, including broken sprinkler heads, clogged water lines, faulty sprinkler wiring, stuck valves, and more. Also, trust us for more involved work such as efficiency upgrades and adjusting smart controllers.

We Love Landscaping in Granada Hills

If you need any kind of landscaping installations, repairs, or maintenance in your home, reach out to us today. We are your go-to landscaper in Granada Hills.

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