Water features on your property are a wonderful way to create your own relaxing oasis while also increasing property values and curb appeal. Koi ponds, pools, and other water features with a waterfall may need some extra TLC, but keeping your waterfall maintained is worth the effort.

Regular Maintenance

Staying on top of your regular annual maintenance is important. Once you start letting things get out of hand, the waterflow from your waterfall can be much less appealing to look at. Always make sure the water flow is normal and smooth. Splashing, sputtering, and other abnormalities could be the sign of blockages or damages to your water pump system.

The pump is a vital part of your waterfall and should be maintained on a regular basis. This includes annual disassembly and full cleaning to remove algae, leaves, or other debris that have gotten into the system. The cleaner a pump is, the better the flow from your waterfall will be regardless of how large your waterfall feature is.

After pump maintenance is managed, make sure you check your filtration system as well. The filter is a very hard working part of your water feature and prevents leaves, acorns, insects, small amphibians, and various items from getting into your waterfall system.

Pumps have a variety of working parts which may occasionally need to be replaced. If possible, take your filter apart and inspect the moving parts such as the impeller, pipes, and filtration media. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, don’t hesitate to call a professional landscaping company.

Regular maintenance also includes preparing your water features for seasonal changes. If your area is prone to frost or freezing, your waterfall may need to be prepared for the temperature drop in advance. If your pipes freeze, they are prone to breaking which can end up being much more costly than seasonal maintenance would be.

Flora and Fauna

If your waterfall is part of a koi pond, maintaining your plants and animals is an important part of maintenance. Not only will plants need to be trimmed on a regular basis, but fish will also need to be fed and water quality will need to be checked.

In order to check water quality, you can purchase water testing kits from your local landscaper or online. These will test the amount of ammonia in the water which can be fatal to your fish in high amounts.

For water features that do not have fish or other animals present, you can check for chlorine amounts to ensure the water is being properly sanitized. Chlorine testing kits are found at landscapers, pool companies, and online at various retailers and are simple to use by following the included instructions.


Algae can be a huge nuisance with some water features. Waterfalls can be coated in algae, especially if they are in direct sunlight. Algae can clog your filter and water pump, as well as make your water features look unsightly.