Naturally, corner lots have curb appeal, or the potential for it. All of that extra green space can be used for garden beds, retaining walls, or just beautifully manicured grass. If you have a corner lot you have lots of options, but also more landscaping to do. Are you using your corner lot to its fullest potential?

It’s wise to improve your corner lot’s curb appeal before you sell the home, or if you simply want it to look it’s best to impress guests and neighbors. As corner lots are so big, it may seem a little daunting to get started. So, here are some low-maintenance landscape ideas to inspire you.

Add a Corner Feature

If you search corner house landscaping online, you’ll start to notice a pattern pretty quickly. Almost all corner lots have a landscaping feature on the corner, away from the home. Afterall, placing a point of interest here emphasizes how big the property is and makes it a delight to pass by on the sidewalk. You should probably put some landscaping here, but what should it be?

Here are some ideas for your corner feature:

  • Decorative stone: Consider using one large stone to draw attention.
  • Succulents: Succulents will look great year-round and don’t need much maintenance.
  • Hedges: Hedges and bushes are low maintenance too. Vary their height for best results.
  • Ornamental trees: In California, good options include jacarandas, silk trees, crape myrtles, and pineapple guavas.

Outline the Property’s Edge

Adding some edging is another way to emphasize how large your corner lot is. A border all of the way around your property adds visual interest and saves you from having to mow that edge. You can plant perennials in the border, or you can just line it with a unique material, such as:

  • Colorful mulch
  • Interlocking stone
  • Decorative, loose stone
  • Concrete

Invest in Privacy Upgrades

Another excellent part about a corner lot is that there’s usually so much lawn that you can add taller landscaping features without completely obscuring the view of the home. Taller features can help the front porch feel more private, or they can simply make the landscaping feel grand and elegant. Here are some great privacy options:

  • Tall hedges
  • Ornamental trees
  • Retaining walls
  • Fencing (doesn’t have to go all around the property)

Add Ponds and Waterfalls

Our final corner lot curb appeal option is perhaps the most popular. On a corner lot, you have enough space to include a gorgeous water feature in the front yard. Nothing says luxury like a natural pond or modern waterfall next to your entryway.

Of course, there are many pond and waterfall options. Here are some that work best on a corner lot:

  • Courtyard waterfalls: Imagine a tall courtyard waterfall surrounded by some hardscaping, whether it’s an interlocking patio or wooden pathways and benches. In a corner lot, make it circular to emphasize the size of the property.
  • Ecosystem ponds: Ecosystem ponds support wildlife, from fish to frogs. They’re a great way to get a little taste of the natural world at your doorstep.
  • Koi ponds: Collecting and caring for koi is a joy. These bright creatures make any landscaping more lively, and any front yard more luxurious.

When you’re updating your corner lot’s curb appeal, remember not to get overwhelmed. It’s a big property, so there’s lots to do. Take it step-by-step, or get the experts involved.