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Landscapers in Malibu face some challenges, from our hot climate to stiff competition from the natural beauty all around us. Still, our landscape installations manage to delight our clients and impress their guests. If you want a landscape that you can’t wait to show off, then choose us to design and install a remarkable landscape on your property. Here are some of the many landscape types and features we offer.

a landscape installation done by one of our landscapers in Malibu
koi pond design done by our team

Koi Ponds & Other Water Features

We specialize in koi ponds and several other water features. The right water feature will add delightful ambiance, bubbling or trickling sound, exquisite beauty, and potentially even a pet to your landscape. Unlike the competition, we design every single water feature to be low maintenance, durable and environmentally friendly, so you know you’re getting a water feature that adds long-standing value to your property and your experience in it.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

If water features aren’t for you, you may prefer our drought-tolerant landscaping. Our designs prove that you don’t have to use a ton of water to get a remarkable lawn or landscape. Certain features and plants make the most of our dry climate, and what little water you want to give them. These landscapes save you money in water but are also highly desirable features for some homebuyers. They can protect the value of your property without

Sod Installation & Sprinkler Installation

Which grasses provide that lush green you’re looking for? At Chuck’s Landscaping, we have the experience to choose the right grass species for the conditions of your landscape and the texture you want. Our sod installation will give you the green look you want right away.

Of course, that’s no good if you can’t keep it green, which is why we also install or repair your sprinklers. The new systems we install have proper zoning so that you avoid over and under watering as well as run-off problems. We’ll advise you on which brand best fits your priorities, and we’ll configure its initial settings, so you don’t have to bother with it.

If you’re currently experiencing problems with your sprinkler system, we can fix it quickly and properly. We have experience repairing all of the major brands and can fix the following problems and parts:

  • Sprinkler heads, both pop-up and rotor
  • Water lines and PVC pipes
  • Smart controllers and conventional controllers
  • Sprinkler wiring
  • Sprinkler valves
  • Leaks
  • Drainage problems
  • Environmental sensors
  • Zoning
  • Efficiency upgrades

We also provide seasonal inspections and general maintenance for your system.

Drip Irrigation & Drought Tolerant Landscaping Solutions

Sometimes, a sprinkler system isn’t the best way to keep your yard looking fantastic.

Drip irrigation systems have come a long way in just the last decade, and large-scale drip systems can handle virtually any size yard. They can even provide sub-surface irrigation to lawn and other groundcovers, eliminating the need for a regular in-ground sprinkler system.

Another option worth looking into is drought-tolerant landscaping, or xeriscaping. By using plants that are native to Malibu and the Los Angeles area, you can dramatically reduce your yard’s watering needs while adding drama and sophistication to your landscaping. Drought tolerant landscaping is also the easiest to maintain, and pairs well with a wide variety of hardscaping elements, including poured in place concrete elements, architectural boulders, and river rock.

drought tolerant landscaping installed in Malibu, CA with lavender and poppy

What Makes a Great Landscape?

Our landscapers are committed to creating a great landscape and giving you a great experience during the build or renovation process. Our knowledge of the craft is what will ultimately set your landscape apart from anyone else’s. It won’t just look lovely. It will also provide the benefits that you want most, whether that’s environmental-friendliness, low-maintenance, drought tolerance, or anything else. A great landscape is made with integrity, close attention to detail, and superior workmanship. Choose us as your landscaper in Malibu, and that’s what you’ll get.

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