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Your landscape should be easy to manage and easy to look at. Chuck’s Landscaping is just the landscaper in West Hills to make your yard better. Whether you need your sprinklers fixed, better curb appeal, or a backyard worthy of entertaining in, we can accomplish it with superior workmanship and reasonable prices.

a landscaper in West Hills can help you have a backyard worthy of entertaining

Sprinkler Repair

Repairing a sprinkler system PVC pipe in West Hills, CaliforniaYou have a landscape you’re happy with, but broken and inconsistent watering is slowly undermining the health of your lawn and your plants. We can help by taking the time to correct the issues with your irrigation system, using quality parts so that they will function properly for years.

Our sprinkler services include efficiency upgrades, zoning changes, smart sprinkler systems, and other changes that can make your system both more effective and easier on water usage.

We also service the following:

  • Sprinkler heads, including popup sprinkler heads and rotor heads
  • Water lines, tubes, and PVC pipes
  • Sprinkler wiring
  • Sprinkler valves
  • Leaks, drainage, and runoff fixes
  • Conventional and smart controllers
  • Environmental sensors
  • Zone fixes
  • Sprinkler timer programming
  • Sprinkler backflows
  • And more

We can also handle your general maintenance and seasonal inspections so that your sprinkler system will be hassle-free.

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Pond Design and Installation

Are you considering an upgrade for your gardens or outdoor entertaining space? Ponds are one way to really add a “wow” factor to your yard. We’re well known for designing elegant ponds with great features that fit various styles and outdoor décor themes. Here are some ponds that we have experience with:

  • Natural rock ponds
  • Flagstone ponds
  • Garden ponds
  • Stream beds
  • Water gardens
  • Fish and koi ponds
  • Turtle ponds

We can make you a very large or small pond. We can also add fun features such as fountains, waterfalls, lighting, and much more. If you see a pond that inspires you online, show it to us. We can create it for you or alter it to fit your unique vision.


Hardscaping are essential, practical features in your backyard that can quickly make it more valuable or functional. Anything made of a hard material, like wood or flagstone, may be considered hardscaping. Here are some of the hardscaping features we can add to your space or repair:

  • Pathways
  • Decks or patios
  • Walls and fences
  • Firepits
  • Garden bed edging
  • Landscaping steps

We can add any kind of hardscaping and make it match the look and feel of your yard. Or, we can use hardscaping to add new character and style to your space. Trust us with everything from rustic wooden pathways leading to your gardens or modern stone patios that give you space to entertain.

a beautiful hardscape done by our pros

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Whatever kind of landscaping work you need, we’re happy to help. Unlike many other landscapers in West Hills, we are a full-service company. That means we have the skill to take on any challenge in your yard, and you can keep working with us as your needs change. We’re also committed to offering quality service, whether we’re doing something small such as replacing a part in your sprinkler or something large like completely redesigning your backyard.

Reach out to us for landscaping in West Hills today.

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