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Your landscape should be a source of tranquility, but too often, it is a source of stress. Broken sprinklers, dying grass, trampled plants, and other issues may make your landscaping in Van Nuys a pain. The team at Chuck’s Landscaping is the team to fix your landscape woes for good. Not only do we offer reliable and professional maintenance and repair services, but we will also help you make great long-term decisions for your landscape. We can lower your maintenance, improve your plants and add new joyful features to your yard. Find out why we are the landscaper of choice in Van Nuys today.

our team provided professional landscaping services in Van Nuys
a sprinkler installation done by one of our pros

Reliable Sprinkler Repair

Once your sprinkler system isn’t working properly, your lawn and plants will start to suffer. If you leave the issue or get in a sprinkler technician who doesn’t really fix the underlying issue, your lawn may soon be brown. At Chuck’s Landscaping, we can stop that from happening with fast and thorough repair services.

We have trained professionals who understand sprinkler systems, including smart sprinklers, on a deeper level than your average landscaping contractor. We also keep your costs low for the long term by installing only high-quality parts from leading manufacturers. This prevents the need for further repair and can make your sprinkler system more reliable and stress-free.

Our Other Sprinkler Services

Repairs aren’t the only thing we can do. We have the expertise to provide the following:

  • New sprinkler system installation
  • Sprinkler equipment replacement
  • Sprinkler zoning adjustments and planning
  • Drip irrigation installation and maintenance
  • Smart sprinkler control set up

If you’re not sure what your system needs or where to start, our friendly and expert technicians can help

Quality Pond Contractor

Pond construction is one of our most popular services, and we’ve become experts in all kinds of ponds and waterfalls. We love creating unique ponds that fit a client’s personal style. Or, we can create anything from rustic natural ponds to highly manicured ponds. We’re always interested in taking on ponds that have a unique feature or unique focal points.

Some of the features we can add to your pond include:

  • Fountains
  • Fire features
  • Custom lighting
  • Koi or other fish
  • Turtles
  • Stream beds
  • Waterfalls

A high-quality pond includes multiple features, carefully chosen plants life, and interestingly arranged natural stone. Check out our gallery to see the fantastic ponds, waterfalls and stream beds that we routinely create for our clients. If you get inspired by images there or on the internet, bring them to us, and we’re happy to create that look in your yard too.

a high-quality pond construction done by our team

Other Landscaping Services We Offer in Van Nuys, CA

We offer a full suite of landscaping services that can transform your lawn and maintain it. They include:

We’re highly knowledgeable experts that can make your landscaping much more beautiful and low maintenance. No matter what landscaping you need, you can reach out to us at Chuck’s Landscaping for our professional services.

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