Most homeowners don’t give their sprinkler systems enough credit. Sprinklers help us maintain lush and healthy lawns, and we are responsible for regular care and maintenance. If your irrigation system performs poorly, contact us at Chuck’s Landscaping for professional help. We aim to help you keep your lawn in optimal condition all year. Our landscaping experts leverage years of experience, guaranteeing top-notch sprinkler care and maintenance. If you have an automatic sprinkler system that only turns on manually, here are tips to help you make an informed diagnosis.

A Faulty Sprinkler Controller

The controller is a vital component in your irrigation system. It performs a wide range of functions, such as activating and deactivating the system, controlling the coverage area, allocating the amount of water and activating the mechanism for consistent operations. With that in mind, you need to inspect the component in your sprinkler head regularly. It is difficult for inexperienced individuals to tell the extent of damage, which is why you need a reputable landscaping service.

Leakage from One or Multiple Zones Simultaneously

Leaks are never a good sign in any hardware that manages water. This is particularly true for sprinkler systems because leaks can cost money in water bills. If your systems suddenly turn on manually, you may have a leaking line or component. Regularly check the different zones in your backyard. Sprinkler valves rely on the diaphragm seal to control water flow which is activated by a magnetic solenoid controlling internal vacuum pressure. Leakage from one zone can be caused by a damaged or defective valve, affecting the overall function of your system.

Pump Buzzing

Another fatal defect that can cause your automatic sprinkler to turn on manually is a buzzing pump. While this may not cause a significant cause for concern, it can result in an inactive sprinkler head. Once you detect a problem with your system, hire a professional technician to pinpoint the problem. Please don’t ignore a buzzing pump, even if it functions as expected. We can assess the severity of the problem and determine a viable solution.

Pop Up Failure

Pop-up failures can come in many forms. However, they all have the same impact: sub-optimally functioning sprinkler heads or not at all. Whether it is a damaged relay, mechanical failure within s particular head, or a malfunctioning controller, we can detect, diagnose, and detect the problem before things get out of hand. It can be challenging if you are attempting to troubleshoot the cause of pop-up failure without the knowledge or expertise. We can narrow the leading cause from the numerous culprits, saving time and money.

Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is a common reason for malfunctioning sprinklers and a significant cause of insufficient coverage. If your system shows low water pressure, there’s a chance of blockage in the hardware or a leaking pipe. An automatic system may fail to turn on if the pressure is low, resulting in manual activation.

While the causes of a malfunctioning sprinkler system are not limited to the ones mentioned, Chuck’s Landscaping can help you pinpoint the problem and recommend a long-term solution. Schedule a consultation to enjoy exceptional landscaping services without breaking the bank.