A sprinkler controller is one of the most hardworking components of your irrigation system. Like most overworked systems, without routine care and maintenance, it is susceptible to malfunctions and damage. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to start the watering cycle, but the controller is not responding. Several things can cause a malfunctioning controller, and it is crucial to call a professional for repairs. Chuck’s Landscaping has a professional team of technicians who can help you resolve the problem and prevent a recurrence. Here are common reasons your controller is not starting the watering cycle.

Blank Display

The most common cause of controller malfunction is some electrical service disruption that forces the system offline. Luckily, it can easily be rectified by pressing the reset button on the controller. If you suspect an electrical service disruption, locate the small inverted button, usually accessed with a thin tool. After pressing the button, check the system to see if the controller is online. In case the problem persists, contact an irrigation technician for help.

Inactive Controller

Another common cause of a non-responsive controller is when it is set to run or auto. It is crucial to remember that even though scheduled settings are programmed, you can only activate them when the controller is set to auto. Many people usually schedule the settings and set the controller to run, which automatically erases the start time. Turn the dial to set watering schedules, and if no time appears, enter a start time for each zone. Once everything is set, confirm the current day, time, and watering days to ensure everything is correct. If the system does not maintain the set schedule, consider professional help.

Off-Schedule Watering

When your irrigation system is watering the yard at times, it shouldn’t; chances are the manual override key is accidentally activated. This is usually a minor problem that can be rectified by turning the controller dial to the off position for several minutes and then setting it back to run. If the issue persists, check the watering start times for an unscheduled time and delete it. If you suspect an off-schedule watering problem, consult an expert for assessment and repairs.

Valve Failure

Lastly, valve failure is another probable cause for your controller not starting the watering schedule. If this happens, it shows the watering duration or run time has yet to be set. You can fix the problem by turning the controller dial to the desired valve to see if the run time is set. If the run time is blank, use the up and down buttons to set the duration.

However, an alarm light going off during this troubleshooting technique means there’s an error message on display. You may be dealing with a valve solenoid problem that requires replacing the irrigation wiring. Although a sprinkler system only uses 24 volts, attempting repairs without the expertise required can cause further damage.

At Chuck’s Landscaping, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to inspect, diagnose, and address any sprinkler problem efficiently and quickly. Please schedule a consultation with our experts to enjoy unmatched irrigation and landscaping services at competitive rates.